Day 6; Plodding Along

I’m writing this blog in the middle of the day rather than at the end, for no reason other than I’m bored! Generally, I’ve had scrambled egg on a slice of wholemeal toast for breakfast (one of my favourites) – no butter but 1tbsp of ketchup (1 syn). Instead, I opted for bran flakes and skimmed milk (1 HE:A and 1 HE:B), but the difference in fulfilment and satiation is mad! Had to grab some fruit just to get that sensation of ‘Ok, I’ve had enough’. I need to find a breakfast with more superfree foods that gives me the fullness I need to stave off hunger before lunch. I’ve learnt that I need to start planning my meals ahead of time, to ensure I don’t overdo my syns or miss out on essential free food. My biggest issue at the moment is not going over my Healthy Exta: B choices. I’m still trying out the Original, Green and EE days. I can see why people like the EE – no worrying about compromising on having potatoes with chicken for an evening meal.

For lunch I am planning on having a jacket potato with tuna (no mayo… haven’t got the fat free stuff in the house yet :() with sweetcorn, and a side of salad (cucumber, lettuce etc….). And for dinner, a chicken stirfry without the noodles or rice. I’ll fill up on starchy veg instead!


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