Day 8; Weigh in day….

Apologies for not checking in yesterday, I really need to get into this blogging habit! So the events of the day… I had to do my first week weigh in. I started at 16st 7lbs. I am now…..

16st 1lb!

That’s a loss of 6lbs in week 1! That’s pretty awesome 🙂 So overall, since I got home from university I have lost 1st 1lb. Not too shabby! As always, I’ll let you know my munchies for the day. I had my bran flakes for breakfast with a banana, and I’ve just had pea & ham soup for lunch. Planning on having salmon with spinach and other yummy vegetables for dinner. As always, glugging on the water throughout the day!

Over the last two days, my syns have been virtually nothing, so I’ve taken the opportunity to spoil myself with a square or two of chocolate. It was so satisfying, and for the first time in a long time I had the self control to stop eating. That gave me a great confidence boost that I will be able to keep up slimming world rituals when I’m back at university – or as I call it “going solo”.

All in all, this first week has been interesting and not particularly challenging in terms of getting used to the daily menu. I am now looking forward to next week’s weigh-in!


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