Day 17; An emotional week

15 days in. I’m over the 2 week mark for slimming world, and it got my 7lbs award on Tuesday. Last week I weighed 16st 1lb. This weeks weigh in was….

15st 10 1/2 lbs!

That’s a weight loss of 4 1/2 lbs this week and a total of 10 1/2 lbs since joining slimming world just over 2 weeks ago.

This week has been a bit of a hectic one (hence my lack of blogging) because I’ve moved back to university. This makes it all the more difficult for me… I live with 4 guys who are all messy in the kitchen! The worst part about the move was being thrown back into the environment where my really, and I mean REALLY bad eating started. I live around the corner from a tesco express, so every night I would go there to grab an evening snack – and by snack it could be from a packet of biscuits to a full blown case of muffins, cocktail sausages, wine gums, various chocolate bars…. in one night!

It’s no wonder I got to the size that I am. And that’s why I really want to do something about it. I’ve been in a bad place mentally for some time now. I used to love going out clubbing with my friends, going for posh meals with family and generally just doing things. But since I started really packing on the pounds and entering the obese weight category, I’ve become a shell of my former self; not wanting to leave the house or to see any of my old friends purely for the looks of shock or disappointment I would get.

And moving back to Reading really has hit all of this home. I’m not going to lie, I have cried A LOT this week, to the point where I’ve felt nauseous because I was crying so hard for so long. But falling to that point of complete helplessness made me realise how much more important it is for me to do this. The support I have had from my mom has been amazing. My relationship with her has got so much stronger since I decided to lose weight because she knows what it feels like. And she hates to see me so sad, and being the mom that she is she wants me to be the best that i can be.

Hence, I am writing this blog today to say that I CAN DO THIS. No matter how down or sad I may feel, I am doing something amazing for myself and I will not stop until I hit my target. And even then I won’t stop, this health kick is feeling so great for my body. I have energy, and I wake up at 9am not feeling like I’ve had no sleep but instead I feel refreshed. I’m doing the 30-day yoga challenge, I’ve joined the gym (finally!), walking to and from lectures every day up a hill, and I’m starting to experiment with my food choices – whilst staying within the rules obviously!

So now I’m going to continue on until next tuesday for my weekly weigh in. And if the scale doesn’t say as much of a weight loss as this week then I don’t care. Any loss is a loss, and the benefits my body is already feeling is more than enough to suggest I’m heading in the right direction.


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