Day 20; Fat busting!

So today I was planning on going to the gym, but stupidly I got all my meal times messed up so I didn’t end up eating lunch until gone 4 o’clock. So instead, I did some exercise in the comfort of my own room.

I started off ‘easy’ by doing some yoga to warm up my muscles, but the routine I did today was just as hard as yesterday’s ab-focused session. So not so much of an easy start! Then I moved on to some general squatting… lunges…. and because I don’t have any weights at home I just used my 1.5L water bottles to give the exercises a little bit more oomph. It turns out the water bottles feel a lot heavier when you have to rep them over your head! 🙂

Then I fancied something a little different. I just googled something along the lines of ‘exercises to do at home’ and I came across a video on youtube which was pretty high intensity ‘fat busting’ exercise. Seriously difficult, and some of the moves I was totally unable to do (i have no idea what the moves were called) so I kept my heart rate up with some star jumps. Thank god nobody was in the house at the time otherwise the sound of me jumping around would have drove them crazy.

I have definitely worked up an appetite for dinner, which I have decided will be salmon (+ pesto), asparagus, potatoes, peppers and mange tout peas. I had that last night as well as an experiment I suppose, but it worked well so I am going to give it another go. Watching the lads eating their pizza, chips, icecream etc didn’t even phase me because my food probably tasted way nicer. Sort of reminded me of what my mom would usually cook for me at home.

It’s weigh in on Tuesday, so i am planning to keep up this exercise routine for tomorrow as well. It really got my heart rate up and I felt so good after doing it!


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