Day 29; Weigh in day

I’ve avoided getting on the scales for the entire week, because a small decrease every day adds up by the end of the week. So, last week I weighed 15st 7lbs. This week I weighed in at….

15st 5lbs!

That’s a weight loss of 2lbs this week, and 1st 2lbs since joining SW. Overall, since mid December I have lost 1st 11lbs. I’m really happy with the loss this week, and although it seems little compared to before, 2lbs in a week is still good going. I’ve been having more syns over the last week such as pesto, mince (not lean, it was just left in my freezer), oil and mayo. It hasn’t been excessive, averaging between 3-8 syns a day.

I am planning on going shopping tomorrow and I will walk into town rather than take the bus. Also, I am going to the gym at least 2 times in the next few days just to help kickstart the weight loss as I head towards a plateau.


2 thoughts on “Day 29; Weigh in day

  1. 2lb is the optimum amount of weight loss for a week so WELL DONE you!! have you felt a bag of sugar when its full? that’s what 2lb feels like – quite a weight isn’t it? you can also do weight training with bags of unopened sugar but i don’t recommend you go out a buy a couple of bags! xx HA HA!! lots of love mom xxxx


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