Day 31; Yesterday was not a good day…

So I made the mistake of going shopping into town without having eaten any lunch. It was a bit too early to eat, so I thought I would just wait until I got home to whip up an omelette or something. But midway through shopping, me and James got rreeeaaalllyyy hungry and decided to go to a cafe or restaurant instead of a McDonalds. In the end we settled on Nando’s because the only other options were a burrito place, Pizza hut, Pizza Express or a fancy burger restaurant that was overpriced. In the end I opted for the chicken wrap with a side of corn on the cob (no butter), but the mayo, chilli jam and medium hot sauce on the chicken, plus the peri peri marinade added up to 19 1/2 syns. I haven’t exactly cut down on my syns this week to allow for the ‘blow out’ so I left feeling really guilty. It was also the first time since joining SW that I went over my daily syn limit.

So today I’ve been left feeling slightly deflated. I can’t help but feel like I will gain weight this week, but I am going to make up for it by going to the gym more and cutting down on syns for the next 5 days.

My friends from back home will be coming down on Friday, and are staying for the weekend. This is difficult because I won’t really want to go to the gym whilst by friends are around, my eating habits may slip back into old ways. We’re going out clubbing on the saturday so I will have to just remain in control of my urge to eat pizza!


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