Day 35; A week off?

Well I am dreading weigh in tomorrow. Like I said, my friends came down for the weekend and I had an amazing time. We went shopping, out for dinner, went clubbing, watched films etc etc. It was really lovely to see them, and I sort of lost all of my inhibitions with regards to the diet. I didn’t stray off in terms of food – i bought the girls lots of snacks and sent the remainder home with them so that I wouldn’t feel the urge to snack on them if I got bored. I did, however, drink a reasonably large number of syns on Saturday night.

41 to be precise…

I was mindful of the amount of alcohol I was drinking, but I made some mistakes with regards to the mixers I chose. In the club I got a diet coke and vodka – not too bad. But when people bought drinks FOR me, and I didn’t know what was in them (and I was a bit too drunk to care) and I just knocked it back. So I calculated that I went through 4 shots of vodka, a Jagerbomb (Jagermeister + red bull) and 600ml of Smirnoff ice which was used as a mixer for vodka. Im thankful that I didn’t get the urge to eat a lot after going out – well actually I was sick afterwards. I don’t think my body was used to it anymore considering I haven’t had more than one drink at a time since December. Also my lack of exercise due to my hangover, visitors and pure laziness and demotivation has lead to this dreading of a Tuesday. I have made plans to go to the gym today which I may or may not keep, so this week will just be a write-off and I start fresh tomorrow.

I am refusing to let me get too down about it because there is no use in getting upset and feeling useless because I will have to learn to let go every now and then. From this I have learnt to really plan ahead on alcohol, and that I am assured that my eating is fine.

I will post my weight tomorrow, whether it is a loss of gain.


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