Day 43; Weigh in

As it is a Tuesday, it’s weigh in time! I’ve been feeling a little bit ill over the last few days so this may have affected my weight loss. Last week I weighed 15st 1lb, and this week I weigh….

14st 11lbs!!!

That’s a weight loss of 4lbs again this week, with a weight loss of 24lbs since joining SW and 2st 5lbs since before Christmas! I have hit my Club 10 target (i.e. losing 10% of my body weight since joining SW), which is amazing. Also, dipping below 15 stone may not seem that great but to me it feels amazing. I’ve gone from being over 17 stone to in the 14s.

I’m still not feeling great so I’ve been drinking lots of water today and I am sticking to simple foods to not upset my tummy. I am giving the gym a miss today too but I will see how I feel tomorrow, as Wednesday is generally quiet at the gym plus it puts me in a good mindset for the rest of the week.


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