Day 44; Gymming it up

Like I said yesterday, I was planning on going to the gym today to start off my week on a positive note. I didn’t end up going until about half 8 in the end (pm) because I was going with friends. To be honest this worked out quite well because a) the gym was quieter than it would’ve been at 6-8pm and b) all my favourite TV shows seemed to be on. Handy considering most of the machines in the gym have a tv built in. I tend to run for longer when my mind is preoccupied with either music or TV because I focus less on how out of breath I am and more on Mary Berry’s wonderful cake baking skills.

The only problem now is that I haven’t eaten dinner and I am really hungry, and I am writing this at half 10. I have no meat in the house which I am particularly craving right now so I may nip to tesco’s and grab chicken fillets or turkey steaks to whip up on the foreman grill. i’ve already cut my carrots and cucumbers into batons – shame I have no humous or sour cream for dipping.

Also, today I received a letter from back home from my wonderful cousin Melissa. She sent me a package a while ago with a dvd and a photo frame with a picture of me and my cousins which was lovely. This time, being the gem that she is, she’s sent me a card, a new look gift card AND a 25% off voucher for february [she works at New Look, duh :)]. It’s always nice to hear from home; I also rang my nan yesterday who was astounded with my weight loss. Last time I spoke to her was a few weeks ago when I was 15 stone 5 so to be 14 stone 11 was great to hear. I have set a target to hit 14 stone by the time I next see her which will be roughly the end of March (7 weeks from now). Furthermore, my mom and I were speaking earlier and she said that my nan and some of my aunties were planning on writing to me to give me support too. Everyone in this family jumps on the bandwagon to help in whatever way they can, and it feels amazing to have that support network waiting for me when I go home at the end of term.

My mom was planning on visiting next week but the railway line between Birmingham and Reading has collapsed (YET AGAIN!) so she probably won’t make it which is a shame. My little sister would have been coming too and it feels like a while since they have been down. But in a way its not so bad – the longer between visits the more different I will look when they next see me!!!!

Anyway, I’d better be off if I’m going to get this meat as Tesco’s shuts in… 20 minutes. I’m still in my sweaty gym clothes but I suppose I’ll fit right in with all the other student slobs here! >:)


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