Day 46; Dum dum dum…. monthly weigh in!

So it is Friday the 13th. Almost like a bad omen for the weigh in that happened today. I went out clubbing last night and I have never been so sweaty in my life – the club wasn’t even that full but we were all dancing like maniacs (me mostly as exercise!). I learnt from my blow out last time and so this time I stuck to my 15 syn limit – it is possible to have a good time without being blackout drunk! I had 6 shots of malibu with diet coke/diet lemonade which is exactly 15 syns. Plus all that dancing meant I hopefully burnt most of those extra calories off. I also had plenty of water towards the end of the night in the club [we managed to stay right up until close!] as well as drinking some when I got home.

Anyway, back to the weigh in. Although mid week weigh ins aren’t ideal, the 13th just happens to have fallen on the friday. This will be the same next month. Last MONTH (i.e. January 13th) I weighed 15 stone 10.5 lbs. This month I weigh…………

14 stone 10 lbs!

To put that into perspective, I have lost over a stone in a month, and I am now tantalisingly close to half way on my 5 stone journey!!! I will add this to my monthly chart.

Just an added extra, I have lost 34lbs since I started, which is 2 stone 6 lbs. Hopefully my weight loss will be good at the end of this week, as 1lb off in the space of 2-3 days is good going! I am going to the gym tonight too if I feel up for it, because although I didn’t drink much my body always feels a bit iffy the next day.


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