Day 50; 6 Weeks until I go home….

I forgot to post yesterday so today it is a Wednesday. I am just waiting for my salmon + veggies to cook in the oven so I took the opportunity to catch up on the missed post. I’m also off to the gym with Joe, Steph and maybe James if he gets back from the library. I am considering signing up to some classes rather than just running and cycling because it is getting a bit tiresome now. Also, my aunty has joined back onto Slimming World because she went away to South Africa and put a bit of weight on which she wants to shift off. We’ve made a pact to lose 11lbs by the next time we see each other – which will be in roughly 6 weeks.

As you know by now, I had my weekly weigh in yesterday. Last Tuesday I weighed 14 st 11lbs. This week I weigh….

14 st 8 lbs!!! 

That’s a weight loss of 3 lbs this week and an overall weight loss of 2 st 8 lbs. I can’t be anything but ecstatic; I have surpassed the halfway point on my journey. Furthermore, I have many milestones approaching in the next few weeks:

a) If I lose more than 4 lbs I will dip below 200lbs for the first time in about a year!
b) If I lose 2 more lbs then I will no longer be in the obese weight category!

Since starting this post I have got my food out of the oven. It is Salmon with chopped carrots, green beans, sugarsnap peas, potatoes, red pepper and corn on the cob. I made a lot more than I anticipated but it’s all goodness I suppose. Plus I am only have 2 meals today (breakfast and this) because I woke up later than usual and the gym tends to cause some timing issues. IMG_4811Looks yummy, right? Well, it is. 🙂

Also, my mom and my little sister are coming to visit me tomorrow. Hopefully they will see a difference in my body as well as my confidence!

Peace out


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