Day 52; Catching up

Yesterday, my mom and sister visited me! I decided to meet them at the train station so I walked there which took about 40 minutes, then we had a nice time shopping in town. I had some lunch too before we headed back to my house to relax before dinner. We have a nice pub/restaurant just across the road so we headed there before they got the bus home. In the end there was a mix up with the bus stops and they missed their train by 3 minutes but they got home safely – just an hour later than planned. I had a lovely day, and mom almost didn’t recognise me when I ran up to her so that was nice to hear! I also bought some clothes from topshop which wouldn’t have even slightly fitted me before, plus I got a size 14 top (although it was larger than your average size 14, it felt good as it was one of the last ones left).

Once they’d gone, the boys invited me to go to the pub with them which was a nice way to spend the evening before James left for a week to go snowboarding with his sister. We are all ridiculously jealous….

My abs and my arms still really ache from my resistance workout at the gym on Wednesday, but I am planning on going tonight anyway with Steph. I will probably stick to the cardio because I won’t be very effective if I attempt to work the tired muscles again today.

It is so weird to think that I am only 50 or so days into this and I have already lost so much weight. It is practically falling off me at the moment. I think the combination of good, healthy eating (whilst having to maintain some control over the syn stuff, but it’s not like I’m craving it or missing out on fun times out) mixed with some exercise (2-3 times a week) is really contributing to my large weekly losses. It will undoubtedly slow down at some point to anywhere between 0-2lbs a week at times which I am prepared for, but my mom reminded me that it will naturally get harder the less and less weight you have to lose. I am still feeling positive, and I still have my mini-goal of being 14 stone by the time I see my nan again in 5 1/2 weeks time. According to the SW graph, it seems to think that I will have hit about 13 1/2 stone by that point (i.e more than a stone off from now) considering I have been losing about a stone a month. But I think that my target is more realistic because my weight loss will not stay at the same rate as I head towards my target. Either way, I would be EXTREMELY happy with being 14 stone by late March because that will mean I have lost more than 3 stone since I arrived home before Christmas.


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