Day 57; A quick update

Yesterday, I had my weekly weigh in. Last week I weighed 14 st 8 lbs. This week I weighed in at….

14st 6lbs! 

That’s a weight loss of 2lbs this week, 2 st 1lb since joining slimming world and 2 st 10lbs since December 13th! I didn’t really go to the gym enough to warrant a larger weight loss; I went twice and I know I could’ve done more. Doing weights and resistance training is very different on the body and I spent most of last week recovering from muscle aches and fatigue. Plus, all of my emotions got the better of me and it affected my mood. I just didn’t fancy the gym after friday, but my eating is well within SW boundaries. However, I am well over half way now! My BMI no longer puts me in the ‘obese’ category (I am NEVER going to be obese again) and it is only 3 more lbs before my weight drops into the 100s (or wonderland – get it? ONEderland – as the people on The Biggest Loser call it).

This post is slightly rushed as I am getting ready to head off to the train station. Admittedly, I have had a bad few days emotionally, and I would rather spend a bit of time out and go home to get myself together rather than eat my emotions. In fact, I have to leave in about 35 minutes!

I’ve packed some fruit and water for the journey, as it will take me a good few hours to get home due to the landslide. I am excited to see my family, particularly my aunty who I haven’t seen since christmas due to her being in hospital for brain surgery. Thankfully, she’s fine – but it would be nice to see her 🙂


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