Day 63; My time at home

This week has been a very odd week. I was at home in Birmingham from Wednesday to Sunday morning, and so I ate MUCH better food (still syn-free) and went shopping a lot! It was really nice to go back home for a while – I got a break from university life, got to see my family and had some time to chill. I went out for lunch with friends, bought some new clothes, saw all my family for takeaway night (I didn’t get fish & chips, I took some remade potato and cajun chicken) with the odd bit of revision thrown in.

Today I had an exam which went really well. I got 72% which means that my overall result has been brought up by a good few marks.

Plus, today is a Tuesday which means it is weigh in day! Last week I weighed 14 st 6lbs. Today I weigh….

14 st 4 lbs! 

That is a weight loss of 2lbs this week, with a total weight loss of 2 st 12 lbs since starting. That means I have lost 40lbs so far, and hopefully next week I will hit a few milestones.

1) If I lose just a single pound this week, I will be under 200lbs for the first time in over a year
2) If i lose 2 pounds then I will have lost 3 stones overall since beginning my weight loss journey

I have to admit, I am a little disappointed that I didn’t drop below 200lbs this week because I was aiming for that. But it is understandable that I haven’t lost more than 2lbs this week because I didn’t go to the gym whatsoever and I generally ate a bit more food than I would if I spent the week in Reading. Despite this, 2 lbs in one week is still really, really good and I should be proud of how far I have come. My weight loss has slowed down since last month where I was pulling up to 4lbs in a single week, which is completely natural and to still be losing 2lbs despite not gymming it gives me even more motivation to hit some of my personal milestones for next Tuesday.


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