Day 70; Worried for weigh-in

This week hasn’t been the best week for me. I’ve been a bit of an emotional wreck because I am losing motivation and I’ve been feeling a bit isolated. Since me and my boyfriend broke up I have had a bit of a void of having a best friend, and being away from my family is very difficult. When I went back to visit it was so nice to see them all but it also brought back my homesick feeling and I cried on the train ride home. I am in need of a bit of a boost, and I wasn’t counting on this week’s weight loss to provide me with that. My eating compared to usual has been different – I’ve definitely consumed more food because I’ve been snacking (on good stuff, but at the end of the day it’s in the calories isn’t it), my meals have generally contained fewer veggies, I’ve eaten more syns on average over the week AND I haven’t been to the gym once. But the weigh in was as follows;

Last week I weighed 14st 4lbs. This week I weigh….

14st 1lb!

That’s a weight loss of 3lbs this week, with a total weight loss of 3st 1lb!!! I don’t really feel like I have deserved it this week, but a similar situation happened when Monica and April visited me and I had a blow out day of 40+ syns. I am so so so happy though, and it has definitely given me motivation to carry on and reach my goal. This summer, I am going to 2 festivals; one in Reading and the other is V Festival with April. Also, I’m going on holiday to Spain in a wonderful villa that we visit once every 2 years or so, plus potentially a holiday to Croatia with my cousins. So I have ALOT to aim for; particularly as most of my time in the summer will be spent in a swimming costume (maybe a bikini – who knows!).

Plus, this means that I am IN ONE-DERLAND! FINALLY! I have made a promise to myself never to go above 200lbs ever again. Except for in the future when I have children etc etc. This is kind of like a fresh start for me, and I haven’t weighed this much in over a year. Seeing a number starting with 1– on the scale was so amazing. I am only a few pounds away from dipping into the 13 stones area as well! Considering I started seeing a value in the 17 stones (yeah, horrendous I know), being so close to seeing 13s is like a dream. Breaking the 3st lost is pretty amazing too, and it means I am only 1lb away from my easter target of being 14st. Next time I see my nan I will hopefully be in the 13s, completely smashing my mini-target!!!

I am going shopping today with a friend from uni called Imogen, and as it is her birthday party tomorrow I am going to buy a new dress for the occasion. Hopefully  I will find one in new look as I have a £15  voucher that my cousin gave me.


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