Day 77; I’m ill! :(

As the title of this post says, I’m ill! I’ve been feeling a bit groggy all week but I now have a cold and a sore throat at the same time which makes it all the more worse. I really want to go to the gym but I have no energy and I feel deflated. I’ve been speaking to one of my best mates from home who have given me a top up of motivation which I what I said I needed – it is her birthday at easter and we’ve agreed to lose weight before then so we look our best! She’s advised I reduce my carbs a little; I know SW doesn’t really work in a restrictive way whatsoever but I agreed to do more original days and eat more lean meats and veg (I’m usually very good at getting my 5 a day). I am also going to reduce the amount of bananas I eat because they are actually quite calorific and starchy. But I won’t cut anything out completely because I know the importance of balance in a diet. I don’t particularly eat a lot of bread, potatoes etc anyway so it won’t be hard. The main difference will be not having as many pasta dishes in a week; pasta is normally my go-to meal when I can’t be bothered to cook something complicated.

ANYWAY, it is a tuesday and therefore it is my weigh in day. I didn’t post about my monthly weigh in because although i’d only put on a matter of ounces it technically said i’d put on a pound, so I wasn’t in the best of moods. So I will just use my value from last tuesday’s weigh in.

Last week, I weighed in at 14st 1lb. This week I weigh……………




13st 12lbs!!!!!!

I weigh less than 14 stone!!! I AM SO SO SO HAPPYYYYYY 😀

I haven’t seen a 13 on the scale in 15+ months. So this week I have lost 3lbs with an overall weight loss since December of 3st 4lbs. I started off as a sad obese girl at 240lbs. I am weighing 194lbs now and I am much happier. Although I still have a way to go before I hit target, I would never ever wish what I went through on anybody. One of my housemates has a fancy camera that he uses to snap pictures of us when we aren’t looking. There was a photo of me from our christmas celebration when I was at my biggest and I cried when I saw it. I looked HUGE. My face carried so much weight, I was clearly unhealthy but most evidently I was unhappy. I was so big I struggled to bend over to do my laces up (I actually just started wearing boots so I didn’t have to do laces!). I also had to undo the buttons and zips on my jeans when sitting in lectures because they were all too tight. But now I’m having to buy new clothes because all my bigger stuff is hanging off me! I am actually excited to go out, and I am not scared of what people think of me because – whilst I am still a bigger girl than some – I am actually happy for the first time in years AND I am slowly getting my characteristic confidence back. Talk about FINALLY! 🙂


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