Day 84; I’m going home tomorrow!

Today is the last day of this term for me. I’ve got to go and hand in an essay and give a presentation (pressureeeee) but after that it will all be done until exams. So Ken is giving me a lift tomorrow and I will head back to Birmingham. But it is still today, and today is Tuesday so we all know what that means by now.

Last week I weighed 13st 12lbs. This week I weigh…

13st 10lbs!!

Thats a weight loss of 2lbs this week, with a total weight loss of 3st 6lbs. So close to 3 and a half stone argh! But considering I had set my target at 14stone by this friday, I am comfortably past that park! I started this journey at 240lbs and now I am 192lbs. Only 2 more until I hit 50lbs, how crazy is that!!

Today will be a combination of running around on campus printing out reems of paper, and then packing in the evening. We may be going out for a meal before I leave but none of our plans are ever set in stone so we’ll see.

I made a picture the other day using a picture of me from christmas day vs now. Just in the face though. It may not seem like much when you look at it but I can’t help but notice how my whole face has changed shape, particularly that chin of mine!IMG_5046


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