Today has been an awesome day. We went to see the Sale Sharks play against Gloucester up in Manchester. We were in the VIP section so we got a full dinner before the game. It was a great game and Sale got 2 great tries + conversions and 3 penalties. Afterwards, both teams came into the VIP area and we watched the presentations of man of the match and they had their dinner too. I even got a photo with Danny Cipriani!

IMG_5189I almost certainly went over my syns today but I can’t be sure of how much because I didn’t cook any of it myself nor do I know how it was cooked. But I wasn’t going to kick up a fuss. I had chicken with caramelised carrots, minted new potatoes and veg, followed by a rhubarb & apple pie (well, the edges of it, it was too sweet to eat it all), then a mouthful of steak pie and a few sips of wine, if that. I presume it adds up to 20-25 syns, but i am not having another meal tonight. To be honest the chicken meal wasn’t that big so hopefully it won’t affect my weigh in too much this week.

Yesterday, my mom, sister and I went to Redditch to go shopping. We spent quite a lot of money in the end, but we must’ve been walking around the shopping centre for 4 hours!


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