Day 92; One week at home

I’ve been at home for a week now. It’s been exciting – I’ve pretty much been out doing something or seeing people every single day. Today is a bit less eventful as I’m babysitting my sister whilst my mom is back at work. It’s Wednesday though so I forgot to post yesterday about my weigh in;

Last week I weighed 13st 10lbs. This week I weigh…

13st 8lbs!

That’s a weight loss of 2lbs this week with a total weight loss of 3st 8lbs or 50lbs! Considering I’ve maxed out my syns several days this week, i am ecstatic with that! I’ve decided I’m going to get a visual representation of my loss, such as a jar full of buttons (each button representing one pound). It needs to be big enough to leave room for at least another 2 1/2 stone’s worth of buttons though.

I even plucked up the courage to post my weight loss on the slimming world website for ‘transformation tuesday’. I was really nervous about it because people may judge me for my before photos, but looking at other people both comforted and motivated me because everyone on SW is in the same boat, plus some of the weight losses that were posted were amaaazing.


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