Day 95; Busy weekend ahead

So far, today has had its ups and downs. I have to go look after my nan tonight so I can’t go to my friend’s 20th birthday which is a shame. I can go to my cousins’ 21st because it starts a bit earlier and I can get home and to my nan’s at a reasonable hour. My step sister is back for a few days for easter, and it has been nice to see her too. I will see my cousin tonight who I haven’t seen in months (she just texted me actually!).

I’ve not long got back from a bike ride, but half way through i just felt violently sick. Like, not ‘oh I’m so unfit i can’t exercise because I’m useless’ kind of sick, but that horrible foody-sick. I hope it was just because I ate a big lunch not long before leaving, rather than catching the bug that my mom and sister had not long ago. Either way, I am still in bed in my exercise clothes refusing to move, glugging this water down like there’s no tomorrow.

My family are booked in to go for a curry in less than half an hour and I need to decide if I want to go. Although I won’t be drinking much at the pub later because I’ll be at my nans (who thinks drinking is evil, oh dear), I don’t want to be restricted because of eating a high syn curry. I am tempted to go for a tandoori chicken type thing rather than anything ladled in sauces and cream because I know those will be sosososososo bad. It will be really difficult resisting the popadoms and mint sauce though because Bengal Fusion (the restaurant in Lye) always has them on the table. And trust me, they can bring out several bowls of them if you ask! If I do decide to go, I should probably get ready right about now because I take my time on my appearance nowadays. But quickly before I go I will scour the SW website to see which curry option is the best!


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