Day 98; Disappointed

I won’t lie, I am disappointed about my weight loss this week. I’ve only lost 1lb, meaning that I am now exactly 13 1/2 stone and have lost 51lbs in total. Adding that button into my jar later on. I suppose my eating on Easter Sunday may have accounted for the small loss; I ate a bit of pudding which I don’t normally do, and I had alcohol and generally just more syns here and there. Hopefully this means that I can pull a bigger number next week – plus I will be ramping my exercise up this week to hopefully kickstart my weight loss.

I have waited for the right time to start doing EE SP, whereby I am allowed a second healthy extra B but 1/3 of my meals (where possible) must be speed foods (most¬†vegetables and fruits). I started today by having cereal with fruit, and my lunch was 2x stn-free sausages (P), 2x fried egg (P), green peppers (S), mangetout peas (S), cucumber (S) and sweetcorn. It was yummy and really filling. I’ve cleaned the windows with my mom, ran around the garden a bit and generally just been more active today. I just need to snap out of this bad mood I have been put in after weigh in.

I forgot, I got my 3 stone award from slimming world today (it’s 9lbs behind my TOTAL weight loss);

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 15.33.20


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