Day 100; Merry Hill (a.k.a Merry Hell) was actually a success!

After my lunch we all went to my nan’s for a cuppa and a chat. We sat out in her garden because the weather was faaaaaab again today. Afterwards, we dropped Milly off at her friend’s house for a sleepover (yay!) and me and mom carried on to Merry Hill. As Milly wasn’t with us, we didn’t have to bother with Claire’s or River Island for a change which was nice. I got some new undies (your bra size changes A LOT when you lose weight you know!), some jewellery and a dress which is just perfect. It fits me really nicely and its a summery material & pattern which is a bonus. I actually feel really confident in it and it’s put me in a much better mood than yesterday.

I should probably get an early-ish night because tomorrow is going to be a fun-filled day for April’s belated birthday! More shopping, makeup and clubbing! Excited much?

p.s. here is din dins for today;


(sorry it’s sideways, I can’t be bothered to work out how to rotate it)

Turkey breast
Home made syn-free BBQ sauce
Red peppers
Mangetout peas
Baby sweetcorn


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