Day 104; Monthly weigh in, April’s Birthday, Akbars and more…

I haven’t blogged since Thursday, and a lot has happened since then! On Friday it was April’s birthday celebration so we all got to hers in the early afternoon and then went to Merry Hill (yes, again!) for some shopping and to get the alcohol goodies for the evening to come. I bought a new clutch bag because I’d completely forgotten to bring any back to Birmingham with me and what girl goes out without a clutch!? We also went out for a meal – we were tossing it up between something very casual like eat central but it was a celebration so we threw caution to the wind and went to Pizza Express. In terms of food optimising, I did just about as bad as you can do in terms of eating. I just had water to start but I wanted to have a pizza and so I just did. A thin, crusty Margherita Pizza. Guess how many syns? THIRTY FIVE. Thirty five syns in that one pizza. I messaged my mom afterwards saying that it was totally worth it but I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t craving more by the time I finished my plate. I didn’t actually miss pizza that much! Maybe if it were a domino’s pizza I wouldn’t be quite as certain…..

Then came the evening. The only thing I didn’t do was eat the vodka gummy bears that April had made because I really am not keen on sweets. It turned out to be a good thing because I think I was the only one not either too drunk on the night or feeling hung over the next day >:) I definitely drank too much though as I calculated that day had amounted to 74 syns. I had to keep telling myself that it was a one-off and to enjoy it while it lasted. However….

The next day I was planning on being very careful, aiming for 0 syns in an attempt to counteract the naughtiness of the day before. That didn’t quite happen. It was all going swimmingly until I was invited out to a curry with family friends. And of all places it was Akbar’s, known for big portions and, SHOCK HORROR, they don’t serve boiled rice!! The one free thing at a curry house is boiled rice! I ended up eating roughly 25-30 syns because I didn’t eat any poppadoms or pilau rice but I did dab in a bit of naan and ate a combination of mine and my mom’s dishes.

Yesterday was my lazy day so I won’t bother telling you anything that happened because – oh wait – nothing did. And that brings me to today, the dreaded monthly weigh in. As you can probably guess, after my weekend antics and 100+ syns blow out in the space of two days I was expecting either a maintain or a gain.

Last month I weighed 14st 1lb. This month I weigh….

13st 4lbs!!

That’s a monthly loss of 11lbs, and I am 2lbs shy of the 4 stone milestone. I cannot believe it! Furthermore, since last week’s weigh in (because today and my scheduled tuesday weekly weigh in are so close I am not bothering to weigh myself tomorrow and I will use this weight instead) I have lost 3lbs which is kind of insane. Why is it that when I pig out or go well overboard on syns I lose more weight than if I stick to the regime 100%? Who knows.

Either way, as you can probably tell I am beyond ecstatic and I am very hopeful to lose 2lbs next week and hit that 4 stone target. When I joined slimming world I weighed 16 1/2 stone as I had lost 9lbs at that point just from eating better over a fortnight or so, and I had set my target at 12 1/2 stone. I am now less than a stone away from target – 11lbs and counting! *claps*


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