Day 110; Hi Ho it’s off to uni I go

Sorry for the long gap in blogging again, a combination of laziness and business has meant it has been another 6 days since I wrote on here. It is also probably due to me being in a better mood most of the time so I don’t need to vent on here as much! I visited my nan again one of the days that mom was at work but I felt ill all that morning and ended up being sick – no clue why i felt so rough but I perked up afterwards. I also visited Edward and his mom who I hadn’t seen in a really long time. Mom got the day off work on Friday to spend it with me so we made the most of it and went shopping in Solihull. It’s a bit of a trek but a few of the shops there aren’t in Merry Hill or The Bullring so it was worth it! I bought yet another bikini which really is stunning. I probably bought something else too but i’ve forgotten >.< We had to then rush back to watch my sister’s school performance as her school had its 100 year anniversary since opening, so all the teachers and kids dressed up in a decade of their choice. She dressed up in 80s gear with crimped hair (it took me absolutely ages to do) but she actually looked awesome, she should have been a teenager in the 80s! Then it was just packing and a quick Morrisons shop….

And from the incredibly tacky title, I suppose you’ve guessed that I am back in Reading! I came back yesterday morning with Ken and I am so glad it fell on the day it did – it was sunny, everyone was in a good mood and it meant that I was a bit less emotional to be leaving home. I have a fully stocked cupboard (bar the milk, eggs and meat) so I still need to pop to tesco to grab those essentials. I had a really simple lunch; ham, sugarsnap peas & peppers (both raw, i like the way they taste) and cucumber too.


Cooking dinner for myself for the first time in almost a month felt weird and I forgot how much effort it is to come up with a meal idea and stick to it! I ended up just having pasta with a tomato/bbq sauce (all syn free!), petis pois and some chopped up ham to bulk it up a bit. It actually tasted really good, although not as good as if my mom made it.

We were supposed to go and watch some fireworks last night at a local park but 3 of the 5 housemates weren’t even in so that got cancelled and me and Joe just watched a film instead. Not the most eventful first evening back but at least I ate well yesterday! We’ve planned a BBQ, however, for Wednesday so that should be a lot of fun.

Nothing particularly interesting has happened but I am blogging on the strict orders of Mama Lou who insists that I keep this blog up to date (she really misses me already I bet!). I love you mom!! This morning I’ve already done some yoga and had an apple – so I will have to go and have a proper breakfast soonish because I cannot function without a good brekkie.

Just remembered, I actually spent a lot of yesterday unpacking/throwing out a lot of clothes. Before I even bothered opening the cases that I’d brought back from home I emptied all of my wardrobe and drawers and began sorting. Before starting, all of my drawers were so full that they couldn’t open without dragging another drawer with it. I threw out a lot of old stuff that was so worn I knew I wouldn’t even bother wearing it again. Some stuff that I knew was the wrong season I have stored in my 2 spare suitcases under the bed. These suitcases were already pretty full but I rifled through those clothes and was amazed at how much of it fitted me again. Tops, jeans, shorts, dresses….. it felt amazing!! I had to throw out a lot of stuff that I just kept because I liked it despite it having a rip or a hole in it (or the dreaded missing button right in the wrong place). In the end I binned just over 2 full bin bags of clothes/bags/shoes; a classic example of a spring clean if you ask me 🙂


I have put this photo as my background of my phone ^^ Whenever I look at my phone, all I can think about is my summer holiday in July and it motivates me to get through my exams and come out on the other side even lighter. I have lost almost 4 stone in 4 months so another 3 months from now I should be at target if not further!!


One thought on “Day 110; Hi Ho it’s off to uni I go

  1. missing you too baby. so pleased you are feeling up beat! hopefully my new phone will come soon so we can be in close touch again! love mom xx


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