Day 111; Sunny days!

The weather has perked back up again and like I have said before, the sun makes me happier! I cannot wait for summer – it’s so close yet so far!

I finished the 30 day yoga challenge yesterday. Although I started it several months ago, I had some big gaps in between days so it took me longer than anticipated but I still did it! So today’s yoga session was back to day 1! I am going to go through it all again and hopefully complete it within 30-40 days rather than 70-80 like last time 😛 I’ve already eaten breakfast and a bit of fruit too. Harry had a personal training session this morning at the gym and so Joe just went along with him. i could’ve gone but I really didn’t like the idea of rushing to the gym before my breakfast would have time to settle. I do need to get to the gym at some point this term considering I tailed off towards the end of last term. It may add an extra pound onto my weekly weight losses if I’m lucky, which would add up pretty quickly!!

Steph (James’ girlfriend) came over yesterday when James got back to uni. She noticed that I’d lost more weight which was nice considering it was only 3-4 weeks since I’d seen her and i didn’t realise that 6-8lbs was that noticeable. She said she was really proud of me and it made me realise how proud I am of myself too. It seems I have the willpower of a saint at times, and I think that I can owe most of my weight loss to my ability to resist straying off plan and having a late night kebab or ordering pizza, resisting chocolate at nan’s etc.

I was on the phone with my cousin Bella for aaaaaages yesterday, I really miss her and we both went back to our uni’s at around the same time. Other than chatting about the day’s gossip as girls do, we also started planning our week of activities in the summer in place of our summer holiday that we had planned. We spent a while organising a holiday to Palma Nova but everything started going wrong so we scrapped that plan and came up with a week of fun stuff to do in the UK. Alton Towers, go karting, meals out etc etc… We have also planned to go – just me and her – to Paris for her birthday. Just for one day, but she’s never been and I haven’t been since I was like 5 or something so we will have an awesome time! We also have a few surprises for certain people – no mom I will not tell you, hence it is a surprise!!

There are plans to go out clubbing tonight, but I will ideally not drink very much considering it is weekly weigh in tomorrow. 11 more pounds until SW target. Come on Livvy!!


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