Day 112; Lie in and a weigh in

I woke up a little bit later than usual today (probably just gone 10 o’clock) because I went out last night. I ended up drinking more than I intended to, and it was probably the worst sort of stuff I could drink – alcopops. I had about 5 of the them and one or two normal drinks, so I had roughly 57 syns last night. Good job I spent a while dancing, running around and climbing up and down the stairs in the club!

Yesterday we went to the park and played a bit of football and threw a rugby ball around. Well, I tried but we still had fun. Harry just wanted to go on the seesaw but there were kids on it so he was a bit gutted about that :’)

So this morning I was feeling a bit rough and to be honest, the weigh in wasn’t particularly on my mind. But I got myself up and hopped on the scales. Last week I weighed 13st 4lbs. This week I weigh….

13st 2lbs!!

That’s a weight loss of 2lbs this week with a total weight loss of exactly 4 stone!!!!  I’ve lost 4 whole stone!! I suppose last night can count as my celebratory drinks for my achievement. I really am gobsmacked, I knew it would happen at some point but 4 stone just sounds like a colossal amount of weight to lose. Furthermore, I am now 9lbs away from my slimming world target, and I am only 3lbs off being in the 12 stones. I have the widest grin on my face as I am writing this. Like, seriously, only 3lbs away from being in the 12 stones!?!!?!??! I want to just jump around in excitement (that would probably help towards Body Magic wouldn’t it?). I said to my mom a while ago that when I see a 12 on the scale, even if it is 12 stone 13lbs I will probably just fall on the floor crying – happy tears – because it’s kind of been a wish of mine for about 18+ months now. It has seemed so far away at some points. When I went to Australia over christmas and my 19th birthday, new year etc, I weighed myself and I was 14 stone. I had decided that when I went back home that I would lose weight and in the end I lost just over half a stone before I just gave up again. Back then I had the 12 stones in my sights but never got there. Then I ballooned to over 17 stone. Bearing that in mind, being this close is both terrifying and exciting at the same time; eek!

I am currently having a break from revision because I got 2 lectures out of the way. I’m listening to a podcast of the lecture and it started bugging me when I noticed that the lecturer constantly used the words ‘itself’ and ‘actually’ several times PER SENTENCE. Thankfully it was a different lecture that took the next lecture 🙂 Saying that, I should probably get back to revising again. *sigh*


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