Day 113; BBQ

We are hosting a BBQ today! People are due to arrive in a few hours so once I’ve finished this post I will tidy up my room and get dressed. I have already done a few hours of revision this morning/afternoon so I can excuse having some time off for a house gathering. I haven’t had lunch yet because I would rather save my appetite for chicken later! I will have to decide if I want to put salmon on the BBQ because i’ve never done that before but it could end up tasting amazing. The only problem is that most people I know don’t like the smell of fish so they’ll probably have a big moan if I try and put it on the barbecue. I may make some of my own aioli if I fancy it, because its nice to have something to dip chicken in – but if i’m lazy I’ll just use my ketchup.

Here is another one of the ‘then vs now’ pics. I was just over 15 stone in the first one and that was me a few days ago at 13 st 2lbs!



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