Day 122; *insert witty title here*

A few bits and bobs have happened since I posted on Tuesday so I thought I’d do a mid-week post. I got one of my essay’s back and I got 80%! That’s well into a 1st, which means there is a bit less pressure on me for the exam. However, I have 9 exams still so it’s not like I’m in the all clear. I have been revising pretty much every day and it’s very draining and frustrating but at least I have lots of plans for summer after exams are finished to look forward to. Because of all the revision I have been a bit less focused on preparing proper meals, and it has been much easier to just do pasta or bung a jacket potato in the oven. I’ve been making attempts to make better meals with plenty of veg over the last couple of days, particularly today. My lunch/dinner (timing made it ‘dunch’ rather than lunch) was salmon and pesto with loads of veg and garlic. It tasted absolutely amazing and it was completely on a whim! No preparation or recipes, I just threw it in the pan and hoped it would taste good. It was probably the best meal I have ever cooked to date, and took no more than 20 minutes to whip up. Here’s what it looked like (not that pretty but so so yummy):

Green Pesto
0% Greek Style Yoghurt
Orange (yes, orange) Peppers
Sprinkle of sweetener


I’ve been doing some yoga too recently, and I am back round on the 30 day challenge to ab-day which I am DREADING. I remember how hard it was last time so my abs are aching just thinking about it. But anything that gets your blood pumping is good so I will put up and shut up. I also rang my nan earlier to keep her filled in; I usually ring her on a tuesday afternoon once she is back at home to give her the low-down on the week’s events but I completely forgot. She is always very supportive and isn’t as fussed about how much weight I’ve lost as she is about how I’m feeling. And the last two days have been very happy, positive days so that is all good! I’ve had compliments off friends as well as complete strangers (I got called hot but I won’t brag…….. just kidding yes I will). I also went on a date and he said I looked amazing. Although people’s opinion of me isn’t top of my list for reasons why I wanted to lose weight, getting those sorts of comments always gives me that awesome feeling/confidence boost.

I hope the week continues in this positive way, and that I will go below 13 stone on my next weigh in!


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