Day 124; Yoga, yoga, yoga

The last couple of days haven’t been great. I swear whenever I am in a really good place emotionally something always seems to crash me back down. It’s not really that important why I’m upset but I know that if this would’ve happened months ago then I would have given up on the spot and eaten everything in sight. See, i AM taking a positive view of my situation! Instead of running to the shops and buying packets of biscuits to gorge on, I’ve thrown myself into yoga and cooking. Yesterday, I cooked the salmon dish again but with a few tweaks. It had much more veg this time (I forgot to get a picture, I just wanted to eat it!):

0% Greek Style Yoghurt
Red Peppers
Yellow Peppers
Sugarsnap Peas
Tenderstem Broccoli
Sprinkle of Sweetener

It tasted amazing – yet again. I really have hit onto a winner with that one. Plus, this time I packed in more veg – all of which are speed foods! Pretty healthy meal if you ask me (bar the pesto, but it brings it all together). But yes, I touched on the yoga I’ve been doing. Yesterday, I did 3 days of my 30 day yoga challenge in one day as it helped to calm me down and take my mind off the stress I’m under right now. It was the ab one, followed by ANOTHER ab one, and then nicely followed by a flow for the lower back. I sat up in bed this morning and my abs were burning – definitely a sign that I was doing something right. I am aiming to do a few sessions of the yoga a day from now on as that would add up to 40-50 minutes, which is probably about the same as running on a treadmill for 10 (which is vile, I’ll stick to yoga thanks). And no, it is not procrastination, more of a ‘break’.

What has been procrastination though is planning a potential holiday with my mom. My cousin and I are suppose to be going to barcelona but I am not sure whether that is even happening as I haven’t heard from her in a few weeks. I think she is in the height of all of her work so I won’t disturb her, I’ll just wait to see if she gets back to me. If not, me and mom are going on a city break somewhere like Prague or Brussels (I’ve found some great hotels mom, so ring me back!).


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