Day 125; Gym, yoga and the perfect omelette

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Happy me! ^^^ And the perfect omelette, bask in the glory of the almighty omelette.

I wasn’t planning on being active today but a part of me just thought, you know what, I’m going to get out of my desk chair that I have been metaphorically chained to for the last week and actually do something. So, you guessed it, more yoga this morning! I did day 11 and 12 today as I did 4 days worth yesterday. It was a restorative flow (so basically lying around and relaxing, which was nice) paired with some wrist and hand yoga. It was really nice, plus I had the windows wide open and the sun blazing in; do I need to repeat how much I love it when the weather is nice!? After that, I got myself kitted up for the gym as Joe, James and Steph were all planning on going so it’s nice to have gym buddies to spur you on. I bought myself a padlock too so I don’t have to worry about having company next time I go, as I can get my own locker sorted! Now onto some really good news….

I got on the treadmill expecting to be out of breath pretty quickly considering this is the first time I have been to the gym in a while (I don’t remember the timespan in weeks but I DO remember it in weight, so I was around 14 and a half stone). Instead, I just kept running, and running, and running….. I ended up running just over 4km in half an hour which may not sound particularly fabulous but to me that is the biggest deal. I have NEVER been able to continuously jog for more than 20 minutes (and that was at my ‘peak’ in fitness a few years back) and I would usually do a few minutes jogging followed by a few minutes walking. If the treadmill didn’t automatically stop after half an hour I would probably have tried to push it to 5km but I don’t want to presume that I could. I really was exhausted but at the same time I was so so so proud of myself for that. I then went on to do a few other exercises such as plank and bridge before I called it a day. Exercising really does give a ‘high’ that food could never give me. I was walking home in such a good mood, and I am still revelling in the happiness now.

As if by magic, I also made the most perfect omelette today. It was perfectly cooked on both sides, no burnt bits, it folded exactly in half and was delicious. How petty of me to get that excited over an omelette! I don’t care what you think, I was very proud of my omelette although not as proud as my run. All of these things today have put me in such a good mood – I hope tomorrow reflects the work I have put in this week as well as boosting my motivation to continue on for the next half a stone until I hit target.

Just as a side note, last night I made my pesto-dish again (yes, I have got a bit obsessed) but instead I used chicken. It came out well actually! Eating that many vegetables just feels good. Plus, I have noticed that my skin over the last few weeks has really cleared and looks fresh. Except from the few spots on my chin that come from lady-hormones, I am smooth across my cheeks and forehead! I have also tidied up my room which should help me feel clear not just on the outside. A few loads of washing are in order though, which I will do today after I have made some revision flashcards. I am glad to be back in this good mood, and I am going to make a conscious effort to shrug off any negativity from others (or from my own mind for that matter).


One thought on “Day 125; Gym, yoga and the perfect omelette

  1. well done liv – your omelette looks amazing, hope it tasted as good as it looks! well done on your running achievement – we are very proud of you! so pleased you seem so happy! love mom and milly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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