Day 127; Gym

I decided to go to the gym in the end and I feel so much better for it. It’s hard to explain but the more you go the more you want to keep going, its addictive! As mom described it, I have the gym bug! I think I will go tomorrow as long as the weather is nice again and I don’t get too drowned in revision. It’s dawning on me now how much work I have and will continue to have right the way through to early June.

I did some running on the treadmill, cross trainer, cycling, hip adductor, as well as bridges and planks. So my back aches just as much as before if not more. I am about to do some yoga to help stretch it out because I can’t even sit down without a bit of pain panging down my back. I think it may be slightly caused from sitting at my desk chair for a long time doing revision. As soon as I have finished the yoga I am straight back onto writing flash cards for my Virology module – they look pretty good so far!


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