Day 127; The last half a stone to go to SW target

When I first set up SW, I was 16 and a half stone and anything I entered as my ‘personal achievement target’ seemed unreachable. I had no idea how long it would take, how much exercise I’d have to do, what on earth I would cook myself etc etc. In the end I settled on 12 and a half stone as my target because it was the last time before gaining weight that I remember being happy with the way I looked. Although my target outside of SW is 12st 2lbs (as that sits me in the healthy BMI weight category, plus it exactly 5 stone off my starting weight of 17st 2lbs), I am taking it one step at a time. If I get to 12st 9lbs, for example, I will have lost 4 and a half stone since starting, then my next milestone will be my SW target of 12st 7lbs. I aim to be hitting these before I go back home for the summer holidays.

Today is the start of this push to reach SW target. Last week I weighed in at 13st exactly. This week I weigh…..

12st 12.5lbs!

That’s a weight loss of 1.5lbs this week with a total weight loss of 4st 3.5lbs or 59.5lbs. Yes, you read that right. I am OFFICIALLY under 13 stone! I can see a 12 on the scale!!! Wahoooooooooooooo 🙂 I don’t really know what to say…. I am less than a lb off losing 60lbs in total which is amazing. I think I know why I didn’t quite lose 2lbs this week; firstly due to lady reasons which I suppose you can guess without me having to spell it out, as well as me doing a lot of yoga/exercise which is good for toning (i.e. gaining muscle rather than losing fat).

I think it may be a combination of my yoga and sleeping a bit uncomfortably over the last few days that has caused me to get a bad back. I will do some back stretches to hopefully get rid of the ache. I have been asked if I want to go to the gym again today in about an hour which I need to decide pretty sharpish. Even my abs still hurt. Ouch. This evening is the student lock in at the oracle, where all the shops have massive discounts and only students are allowed in. I have to decide if I fancy that as well, but knowing me I won’t bother because I hate shopping when its remotely busy anyway – let alone heaving with students all grabbing everything they can.

So yes, that’s about all I can say for today. All this posting means I run out of things to say! I’m going to go get into my gear ready for yoga, that way I can just go along to the gym if I feel like it.


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