Day 129; I fancy a bit of shopping

I am planning on getting dressed and then heading off into town. Who doesn’t want MORE clothes!? Definitely not me. I also need to pick up some stationery bits for my exams, and some flashcards.

I had such a big dinner last night. I chopped up lots of veg and didn’t quite realise how quickly it all adds up. Plus I had a jacket potato which I don’t usually do with that style of dinner, generally because I get full easily. Either way, it tasted good and it was nice to have a rainbow of colours on my plate!


Jacket potato
Petis pois
Orange peppers
Red peppers
Sugarsnap peas
Green beans

I went to the gym yet again yesterday. I may go after shopping because I will be in town so it is easy to get there. The only thing is that I have got quite achey legs from all the running, plus after shopping I get tired anyway. I will decide before I leave. But anyway, I ran even further yesterday! I kept running through the ‘cool down’ bit on the treadmill, purely because I wasn’t even that tired and I wanted to push myself. I ended up doing 4.55km in just under 35 minutes. I am so happy! Considering I am not a long distance kind of person, (or short distance to be honest), to be going that far is amazing. I’ve said this already but I am surprised at the amount of mental strength it takes. I was only about 6 minutes in and I was deciding whether to go to 10 minutes or to get to a specific distance. But every time you set yourself a mini challenge of ‘just 3 more minutes’ or ‘just .45km more) you just keep going and going and going. I was a bit rosy in the cheeks for a while afterwards but hey ho, no pain no gain.

I decided to try one of my swimming costumes on that I haven’t worn since I went to Australia in Christmas 2013. I’m a pear shape so I carry my weight on my tummy and thighs which is quite clear. I think my mirror is a skinny mirror so it makes me look better than I actually do, but here I am;

IMG_0435Quite a difference from the last time I wore it!

I’m going to go hop in the shower now so that my day can properly start. I may squeeze in another bit of yoga though first. I did 2 day’s worth yesterday so I am already on day 16 now!


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