Day 130; Heavy revision

I am a bit down at the moment because today has been a stressful day of revision. I’ve only got 2 more days until my exams officially start and that is absolutely terrifying. It is now just a case of finishing off flash cards for endocrinology (2 more lectures to go, so not too far) and then memorising all of it. I suppose I can’t be too moody though considering yesterday was effectively a chill out day. I bought quite a few bits and bobs in the end. I got a two new dresses (one is a 14! wahoo), a blazer, blouse, converse, yet more sports gear as I can’t wash it all fast enough to have clean stuff for the gym the next day, the flash cards which I am currently using, some aussie body wash aaaaaand I think that’s it. I don’t want to check my bank balance because it will be rather…. depleted.

Today I did a bit of yoga, lots of revision and I have been tidying my room for the last few hours (with breaks to sit and watch random youtube videos. Earlier, I actually bothered to cook something that required effort! I did double portions though because I know that tomorrow will be yet another hectic day and I won’t want to bother cooking anything fancy for lunch. Yesterday’s dinner was amazing too. I did salmon with some tagliatelle and veg. Nothing fancy, but seriously anything with salmon (except smoked salmon, yuk) is in my good books. I can’t remember exactly what I bunged in there but here it is:


And here is today’s dinner! There are 10 different types of vegetable in this:



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