Day 136; Back on track

Bouncing back from yesterday has been easier that I expected. Once I accepted what had happened, it wasn’t too hard to just drop it. If anything, it gives me more motivation to prove to myself that I can lose that half a pound again, if not more. I will, however, need to deal with the slowing rate of my weight loss overall considering I only lost 5lbs this month. With exams it will be difficult to do much more than what I do already without me skimping out on revision so I will just have to take it as it comes.

Today was a bit naff to be honest. I woke up and it was really dark so I presumed my body had woken me up randomly at 5am or something. Nope, not even slightly. The weather was so rubbish that even our conservatory roof has been leaking. Typical student housing eh! But this didn’t stop me from getting up and getting my running shoes on. I did kind of regret my choice of days for going to the gym as I was drenched by the time I got there. Oh and I didn’t get to go on my usual treadmill because some lady was on it so I had to go on a different one. It wouldn’t have been a bit deal except for this treadmill was set to ‘miles’ instead of ‘km’ so when I whacked the speed up what I thought was 8kmph I was actually sprinting at 8mph. A funny sight for the other people in the gym I imagine. It didn’t really matter in the end though because I decided to go for a short sprint (I had a break in the middle because I really was exhausted, turns out I’m better at long distance than a quick sprint!) of a mile. I got really out of breath and got that momentary ‘oh no I can’t breathe’ kind of feeling afterwards and my heart was racing. It felt pretty good nonetheless. I spent a bit of time in the resistance area which I don’t normally do much. I did some work on the glute machine, chest press and hip adductor. Then I finished off with a gentle 1km on the treadmill to cool down. I would usually finish doing some sort of mat work e.g. plank, bridge, lunges but there was a girl who kept staring at me like I was weird so I walked off into the cardio area. She had a Harry Potter top on, so if anything I should’ve been looking at her like SHE was the odd one. I’ve added all of the distance exercises onto my Body Magic page on SW. I am currently on the second of the challenges which is crossing the English Channel (34km). I’m about a third of the way through now.

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll have seen my list of reasons that may (or may not!) have contributed to my weight gain this week. Today I started with a fresh attitude and I have been outwardly attempting to overcome some of the issues I’ve encountered over this last week. For example….

– I weighed my healthy extra of cereal this morning. I definitely had been having larger bowls than I should’ve been for a while now. I presumed that I was putting the right amount in because I suppose I thought I knew how full a bowl looked. But nope, not even close. It might not sound like much but I’d probably been putting 10g extra in a day, and probably extra milk to compensate for that.

– I have started entering my food diary onto the slimming world website again. It has made me much more conscious of what I am eating because I think before I eat. I was going to lurch for a banana earlier (not a bad food, I just wasn’t tummy hungry – I was mouth hungry) but then I thought “no Liv, do you really want this banana? Save it for tomorrow when you might really want it with breakfast”. Here’s the proof!

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 23.18.23

– I have made an effort to put more veg in – particularly speed foods – into my meals. Instead of having a pea/sweetcorn/chicken omelette for lunch I went for mangetout/peppers/chicken. Just a slight change that is slightly less calorific, more filling, and definitely extra easy SP!

IMG_0487 I don’t know how to rotate it, but here’s the omelette. It was perfect, yet again!

– I made my dinner at a reasonable time. It was just gone 7 o’clock when I started eating and I began prepping before I got so hungry that I would make a bad decision and go for spag bol or something. I asked my mom for inspiration on a meal I could cook and she suggested I do a foil version of Chicken en papillote (i.e. chicken cooked in a bag) because using fry light instead of oils can sometimes make a meal quite dry. I opted for cajun spices on my chicken and it was not a disappointment. I also had 4 different veggies (peppers & mangetout again!, asparagus, green beans) and I made some scallop-style peppered potato chips. Absolutely delicious, probably the best meal I have ever made. All in about 40 minutes + prep, much more satisfying and filling than a jacket potato and baked beans. I will have to try it with salmon next!


– I have stopped snacking unless I’m hungry. I had an apple between breakfast and lunch because I was heading off to the gym and needed a bit of a boost. But other than that I have stuck to my meal times. I know I can have food outside of my 3 meals a day but I just had water instead because a lot of the time when you think you’re hungry you’re actually just thirsty. So true.

– I tried to do a more high intensity gym workout today so that my heart rate would soar and lead to fat burning. When I saw myself in the mirror in the changing rooms I looked like a sweaty tomato. Attractive, right?

So I’d like to think that everything I have done today is the start of a new chapter – how cliche does that sound! Although it is only one day, I am learning to take everything day by day rather than seeing it as a whole. I was reading some posts on a magazine website of women that lost a lot of weight, put it all back on again, and then lost it again, that time keeping it off long term. And almost all of them said that they took each day as it came and didn’t dwell so much on the failures or the slip ups. Also, one of the ladies (who is now a personal trainer and looks amazing, may I add) said that she never set weight targets, but only set achievement targets. So, for example, she wanted to be able to fit into a particular dress rather than be a particular weight. I see that as quite inspirational. Oh and I need to put in a little shout out to my mom just to let her know how much I value her support no matter what, and that she is just amazing. I probably wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without her. I thought I’d add a picture in of just how amazing she is to FaceTime (she will kill me for this….)


Don’t worry mom, I look 10000x worse than you!!


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