Day 141; Very late post

It’s technically Tuesday right now because I didn’t get round to doing today’s post until gone midnight. In fairness I have had a very busy day. I woke up and straight away got stuck into revision. I got ready, did the usual stuff, then had to go off to my exam. I think it went quite well – not perfectly and it could’ve gone better but I did the best that I could given the time I had. Either way, I came out of the exam pretty happy. I didn’t make my lunch until around 1pm, which was precariously close to when I had to leave for my exam. Because of that I made a haphazard lunch; jacket potato, baked beans and cucumber. It was tasty and I chucked the cucumber on the plate because I felt that I was just eating carbs and more carbs otherwise. I had a bit more of a think about my dinner tonight though. I had green beans, mushrooms, peppers, passata, salmon, garlic (as always!). So it was really simple, but really tasty. Plus it wasn’t very carby as I was still reasonably full from my large lunch.

It looks a bit burnt but it wasn’t, the black bits are just mushroom chunks:


I had a massive dinner last night, however. I decided to make myself a proper pasta sauce. I can’t remember exactly what I used but these ingredients ring a bell;
– Passata
– Mushrooms
– Peppers
– Sweetcorn
– Green Beans
– Garlic
– Oregano
– Veg stock
– Chicken
– Tagliatelle


I have an exam tomorrow (i.e. technically today!) which is Statistics. I will hopefully do ok although it is a negatively marked exam which is never good! I then have another exam on wednesday, but after that I don’t have one until the following Tuesday. I have weigh in too in the morning and I am hoping to bounce back from last week. I will hopefully get around to posting at some point tomorrow or at the latest, Wednesday.


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