Day 142; Weekly weigh in

I’m going to cut to the chase for this post because I need to get up and ready for my exam at 2pm. I have to go onto campus a little bit earlier because I need to get the university to approve my calculator before I take it into the exam. I don’t know whether they think I’m some genius who can program a calculator to give me all the answers but there you go. Anyway, onto my weigh in.

Last week, I weighed 12st 13lbs. This week I weigh….

12st 9lbs!!!

That’s a weight loss this week of 4lbs and a total weight loss of 4 AND A HALF STONE (63lbs)! I can’t quite explain how happy I am. I presumed I wouldn’t lose anywhere near that sort of number given last week. I thought maybe 1-2lbs would get me back on track but I absolutely smashed that. I could see the weight loss before now, but this week particularly I can look in the mirror and physically see huge differences in my face, my skin, my hair, my tummy, my legs, my arms… you name it. I obviously want to lose some more, and I am now just 2lbs away from my SW target. I don’t want to jump the gun so I am not even going to contemplate what next week will bring.

It does go to show that there aren’t actually any excuses to not lose weight. I am in a stressful period – probably the most stressed I’ve ever been actually – and yet I have still managed to lose about 6lbs since my exams started. I have almost lost as much this week than I managed to lose all of last month! Hopefully I can keep it off and lose a little bit more before my Nan comes home from Tenerife this Friday. I’d like to be able to tell her how much I have progressed since she left (she left before my exams started, when I weighed over 13 stone).

That’s all I have time for today folks! 😉 I will update my ‘about me’ page (just click the icon in the top left corner of the screen to access other pages) and put the new graph on!


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