Day 144; Just some admin

As you can see, the blog has had a revamp! Everything looks a bit different doesn’t it? Well, things have been moved around too, so I thought it would be handy to post about how to navigate the new site.

The menu bar is now in the top right corner. It’s labelled as ‘menu and widgets’. Press onto that and a drop down menu should appear. I have 4 pages other than this main page where all of my blog posts go. There is;

– About Me
What it says on the tin really; just a bit about me and how I have been losing weight with Slimming World.
– Numbers on the scales…
My weight loss graph and table, plus all of the key weigh in results from each month.
– Photos of my Transformation
A full length photo of me from every month since December 2014.
– What I have been eating
A photo of all of my meals that I have posted on my blog from Day 1 to now! I’m not planning on labelling them as I can’t really remember what is in all of them, but from looking you will see it is mostly omelettes, salmon, pasta or some sort of chicken!

To get back to the main page (i.e. this one) just click on the ‘Chronicles of a Shrinking Student’ link that is at the very bottom of the page in a pink bar.

Everything else should be the same. I am still learning my way around the new site myself! I will do my very best to keep this blog active right the way through to my targets and hopefully even once I’ve surpassed them.


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