Day 146; Lots to report

Yesterday was all a bit unplanned and I didn’t really stick to my food optimising plan at all. I had a really big lunch (late as well) as I’d completely forgotten about Danae’s birthday meal in the evening. We went to a place called Rynd which is an American style restaurant selling hot dogs and burgers etc. I had a BBQ pulled pork burger with fries (there was no option for a jacket potato or side salad instead!) and I also had a single malibu diet coke with a cocktail called Reggae Rum – or something like that. I dread to think about the number of syns in it but it was a one-off. I then had my housemate’s gig to go to that night, and so I had a couple more drinks both there and when we went to a pub afterwards. I was up until gone 4 in the end, I’d had far too much to drink/eat and this morning I feel a bit worse for wear.


My cocktail at Rynd. It was yummy!

Today I am going to have to make up for that day by having a really good day on plan. I’ve already had my breakfast and I am going to have a jacket potato with tuna and cucumber (maybe some other veg too) for lunch. I may even go to the gym later today if some of the others are up for it.


Here is my dinner from today; Salmon with green beans, mushrooms, petis pois and garlic potato chips!



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