Day 147; Not the best of days

I seemed to hit a bit of a wall today. Even when I look at how far I come, looking at how far I still have to go before I’m truly happy is daunting. I’m stressed out from exams, hormonal, and just fed up. Given my blow out on Friday, I should have been eating less but I just can’t stop reaching for food. I’m getting sugar cravings that are hard to resist so I am grabbing fruit. I need to stop eating so much.

I will show you my meals for the day. Breakfast is always cereal – so I am tempted to change that up a bit to prevent myself from getting bored. Maybe a fry up? Maybe fruit and yoghurt? That would free up my healthy extras for cheese in a pasta bake or soup for lunch.

Lunch today was a pepper, pea and chicken omelette with baked beans and cucumber:


Dinner was really good today. I had tagliatelle with salmon, tomatoes, green beans, peas, peppers, garlic and some cajun spices:


I won’t lie, I know that I will put weight on this week. It’s impossible for me not to – I’ve eaten a lot, I’ve not stuck to plan, had loads of syns and not worked out. I have accepted that, but I am so close to target now that it kills me to know I am taking 2 steps back for every step I take forward. After this week, I will only have 1 exam left so ideally I will stop stress eating and I will be able to get out of the house more.


2 thoughts on “Day 147; Not the best of days

  1. Keep it up liv, we are all amazed at how well you have done and especially being so motivated all on your own at uni!!! So proud and love you to bits xxxx

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