Day 150; I’ve come this far

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 150 days! It does feel like I’ve been on Slimming World for a while but to stick at something for this long is a good feeling. When I first started blogging, it was just somewhere to write down what I was eating and my weight for that week. It’s changed now – it’s my own safe place that I can share what my journey has been like (the highs and the lows), a documentation of my success so far, to post my thoughts and feelings and also a chance for me to reflect on my day with the intention of learning from the process. It’s like my own free therapy! Plus every day that gets added to the tally is just another day closer to;

– end of exams; 2 more to go!
– target; 2lbs to go!
– summer holiday(s) (my countdown app says that there are 63 days until I’m on a plane to Spain!)
– festival (Waterworks is less than a fortnight away)

I’m currently on a bit of a revision break. I’m revising pharmacology and toxicology which is a really interesting module, it’s just very in depth and lengthy. Of 19 lectures I’m currently writing flashcards for lecture 7 so I’m a fair way through given that it’s going over the content not just learning it for the first time. I’ve just finished my lunch too, which was an omelette with mushrooms, mangetout and peppers with baked beans on the side. Don’t worry, I’m not turning veggie – I only have a chicken breast in the fridge rather than sliced ham/chicken so I went without meat. I could probably live without meat quite easily given how much of my plate is full of vegetables but I don’t think I go vegan and live without eggs!


Yesterday’s dinner was chicken, peas, green beans, mangetout, mushrooms, peppers, chopped tomatoes, garlic, tomatoes and pesto (3.5 syns). Delicious.


If I do end up going home for a bit I’ll be gone for 5 days (Thursday-Tuesday) so I’ve asked mom for a few things for whilst I’m back. I’ll take my frylight and other bits and bobs that I will need but the one thing I can’t buy from the shops is syn-free BBQ sauce. Mom makes an amazing sauce so she has already started putting it in jars for me for when I’m back. I can just bring the rest back to uni with me for barbecues in the summer, putting on my meat and for mixing in to sauces.



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