Day 151; Birmingham Bound

Well this is a first – blogging on the train! I always travel first class on the trains nowadays because they are only marginally cheaper (if you book at the right time) and you get free drinks, snacks and wifi! Plus the carriage is comfier – generally far less busy too. Unless you are being particularly slow today, you will realise that I did decide to come home in the end, after all of my umm-ing and ahh-ing. I think the most difficult thing I will face over the next few days at home will be not blabbing to my nan about being home! I generally speak to her every week on my weigh in day (or at least soon after) but I didn’t ring her this week as a maintain isn’t literally¬†anything to ring home about.

I was on the train originally when typing all of that. Since then, the internet was a bit intermittent and so I just gave up blogging and I am now home sweet home! So I suppose the title of this post isn’t exactly accurate anymore. I have been informed that Nan’s surprise party has been moved to Saturday night now so I only have to wait for 2 days to see her! Now to just unpack and settle in.

Today’s food has been more of convenience than food optimising. I needed to get all of the perishables out of the fridge before I left so I had chicken, tomatoes, pesto (3.5 syns), peas, pasta etc for lunch/dinner. Either way, the meals were nice. On the train I had a cheeky 2 pack of biscuits – 6.5 syns. That’s the most syns I’ve had on a normal day in quite a while! I didn’t get any pictures today unfortunately as I was a bit rushed and just wanted to eat it. The exam went quite well today so I have been in a much better mood about it all. Only one more left though now, so after thursday the pressure is off! We have organised a pub crawl that has rules based on call of duty – aptly named ‘Crawl of Duty’. I will probably end up drinking a rather large amount that day but I will try to limit myself to some degree. Some of the rules will prevent me from having complete control (e.g. downing drinks, no nursing a drink, certain paces for drinking, never being empty handed etc.).

Now that I am home I probably won’t be blogging as much because the main reader of this blog is my mother who will be experiencing everything I do first hand. I may just combine the 5 days I’m home into one big post on Tuesday. Oh, I just realised, I’ll have my weigh in here on Tuesday! Every scale gives my weight slightly different; the gym makes me slightly lighter, the ones at home slightly heavier. So I don’t really know what to do. I’ll just work it out on the day.

I thought I’d just post random update photos of me too. Now that I’m slimmer I can’t stop taking selfies every day!

IMG_0617 IMG_0619


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