Day 154; The last few days!

I’ve been blogging every day for the last 3 days, I’ve just been typing it into a word document. Realising how pointless that was, I decided to just do a blog post every day from now on as per usual. But, given that there has been a bit of a gap since my last post on Thursday I thought I’d fill you in on what has been going on.

Day 152; Rain, rain, rain

The weather today has been awful. It has been raining/hailing since I woke up this morning, and it’s been horribly windy too. I didn’t sleep great last night – the weather woke me up at 4am and I was a bit chilly too. Our student house is always really warm, presumably because it’s small and has 5 of us in it, so going to a bigger, colder house is noticeable.

Despite this, mom and I braved the weather and went to Northfield for a shop. My clock at uni has broken so we went to B&M bargains (my mom’s favourite shop) to get one. We picked up a few other bits there too, like car mats for Phil and a new flowerpot. We got some new light bulbs too, as all 3 in my room at uni have blown. Aldi was next on the list; it was absolute chaos. I don’t think I’ll ever go to a supermarket on a Friday EVER AGAIN. But I suppose it was handy because I got lots of fruit and veg for the next few days, as well as meat for the BBQ for nan’s birthday party. Oh, that’s been moved back to Sunday again. Apparently the weather forecast did a complete 180 and so the dry weather is on Sunday!

Tonight we are going to Bengal Fusion, the favourite curry restaurant we have found. I am going to have a salmon dish with boiled rice, to keep the syns down. I can feel my tummy rumbling, so I will definitely enjoy this meal! Now to just get some makeup on and get dressed!

So I just got back from the curry. I had a popadom with some of the yoghurt/mint sauce that comes with it, followed by a Salmon Machli Dupiaza which was delicious. It’s a low syn curry too – only 6.5 syns! Much better than a 20+ syn chicken korma. I was still wracked with guilt but I’ve decided to just get back on track again with a good day of eating. We went back to my aunt & uncle’s house after the meal and my uncle owns a company called USN. It’s a protein supplement company (basically) but it also specialises in weight loss. I don’t particularly want to take supplements so I have decided to attempt the exercise plan they set out. Hopefully it will go well!

Day 153; Merry Hill and cat hair

Today has been yet another busy day. I had a bit of a rubbish sleep again so I woke up still tired. As we are hosting nan’s BBQ tomorrow, mom has to detox the house because my uncle is allergic to cats. Although our house is actually very clean, mom has to go around getting every cat hair off the chairs, cushions, etc. I also just found out that my other cousin who is at uni, Bella, is coming home for nan’s party too! So that will be nice to see her. She’s the one coming to Waterworks Festival with me in a week and a half! After all that, I had lunch which was an omelette packed with mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, sweetcorn and mangetout with cucumber on the side.

Then we went off to what feels like our second home, Merry Hill. I just fancied buying a few clothes whilst I was here, as I have someone to go shopping with. At uni, the boys wouldn’t want to go shopping with me and most people are still in exam mode (I should be, but oh well) so I took the opportunity for a shopping day. I didn’t buy too much in the end, just a new pair of white jeans (this is a first, they are for my holiday) and some tops. We went in quite a few shops but nothing was really grabbing my attention. Oh, I also want to point out that all of the clothes I bought today were a size 14!!

Pretty much as soon as we got back I went for a lie down. I had a pear because I was feeling a bit peckish but then I fell asleep on the sofa! I came upstairs to bed and had another ‘nap’ – quite a long nap. All of these bad nights sleep are catching up to me. I am about to have dinner too (it’s pretty much 8 o’clock now) – I’m not 100% sure on the ingredients as Mom has prepped it all on her own but I think it’s chicken, mangetout, peppers, broccoli, sweetcorn, spinach, her BBQ sauce, and some cucumber. I wont be able to take a picture of the meal because my phone is dead and I’ve been asleep so I forgot to charge it up. I haven’t taken any photos of my meals at all over the last few days but I assure you they’ve been on plan and delicious!

 Day 154; Nan’s birthday party!

Well today has been both busy and amazing! I yet again had a disturbed night’s sleep, but I wasn’t feeling as tired during the day as I did yesterday. It could just be being in a different bed to usual that is messing with my sleeping pattern, or the noise from the motorway. Either way, it wasn’t too bad. I got showered, put my makeup on and put on my new outfit for nan’s BBQ gathering today.

IMG_0652 My new outfit from primarni – cheap and cheerful!

First to arrive was my uncle Andrew shortly followed by my aunty Maria, Sophia and Bella. Bells needed to do her makeup so we rushed upstairs to get that sorted, and we were discussing what on earth we are going to do about our holiday! June is looking unlikely now, because they are going away as a family to the lake district over one of the weekends we were planning on being away for, and she has to be back in Cardiff to move her stuff into the new student house for next year. Maria is ringing her friend at Co-op travel to get us some deals and keep us posted for a good, cheap holiday.

The rest of the family started arriving pretty quick after that – there was about 22 or so people in the house! Obviously, last to arrive was my uncle John and Melanie who had told nan that they were taking her to lunch at The Sun which, from their house, makes our house en route. As soon as she saw everyone’s car on the drive she clocked that we had a surprise party for her, and when she walked in we all sang happy birthday! She looked so happy, bless her, and when she looked around the room and saw me she looked so surprised! I think both me and Bella being there (mostly out of the blue) as well as the whole family was a great way to send her into her 75th year.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what on earth I ate. Given that it was a Bullivant family gathering, there was guaranteed to be Maria’s salad, some great tasting meat on the BBQ, lots of wonderful veg prepped by my mom, as well as a wide range of puddings for afters! For nibbles, I had carrot, cucumber and pepper batons dipped in aioli (made with lighter than light mayonnaise, 0.5 syns per level tbsp), whereas most other people had crisps/pitta bread dipped in full fat mayo! Next was the main, and I had salad (no dressing) with 2 salmon fillets, a chunk of marinated steak – about ½ syn, negligible amount of oil (visible fat removed) and some of the best potatoes I’ve ever had. I can’t be certain of what herbs mom used to make them, but they had been slow roasting and they were fluffy and yummy. Again, I’ve put the syn value as ½ syn because the amount of oil on my 4 potatoes would have been very little, given that there was 4 tbsps between roughly 45 potatoes in the tray. Now, pudding was a whole different ball game. My aunty ali and aunty mel were on duty for puddings, and wow did they deliver. There were 2 eton messes, a swirl roll thing of sticky toffee pudding with nuts, a chocolate fudge cheesecake, vanilla cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate brownies, trifle, a cheese board, crackers, salted caramel cake, strawberries, grapes, icecream and cream. If you don’t believe me, I’ll post the picture!

IMG_0655And that wasn’t even all of them. As a family we barely made a dent in this array of pudding!

I really want to hit target this week, so I did deprive myself. The whole day only amounted to 2.5 syns, so I could’ve very easily had a slice of this or that, or a scoop of those, but I resisted. I really have my eyes on the prize, and I hope that it shows on the scales. I just had a plate of grapes and strawberries – I must add that they were really tasty so I still got my sweet fix! My nan actually ‘awwed’ at me; although she sounded like she was pitying me I think a part of her is very proud of me! As well as all of those puddings, my uncle Russ had got nan the birthday cake, which looked AMAZING. I felt like having a Bruce Bogtrotter moment from Matilda when he eats the entirety of the massive chocolate cake. Nan’s was a triple chocolate fudge cake. My mouth is salivating as I type this!!

IMG_0661 Nan and her massive cake. Per 1/24th of this cake was 30% of your daily sugar allowance!! Hence I steered clear, but look how yummy it looks….

After the party came to a close and everyone left, I got a text off Ed saying that the only time we could see each other whilst I’m home would be this evening, so I went to his. I caught up with him and his mom for a few hours and then came home.

My thighs have been BURNING all day. Absolutely aching. It hurts to stand up, sit down, bend over, go up stairs, go down stairs, you name it – it hurts. I suppose it must mean that the exercises from yesterday have really worked my thighs!! I’ll have to give them a rest though, I don’t want to damage them any further – I still have exams to walk to this week and train stations to be running around.

Mom helped me enter all the syns into the weight loss planner on the SW website, and I also chucked out a few clothes from my drawers here at home. Some of the tops I bought from Merry Hill yesterday go perfectly with some old pairs of shorts I have!! Happy coincidences are the best. Hopefully I will get a good night’s sleep now as I have some revision to get on with tomorrow. Just going to throw this photo on the end – all of the cousins (minus 1) with Nan. Such a lovely photo – the one we had of the cousins at Christmas was vile and I looked massive but I actually look slim and HAPPY on this one!

Melissa, Sophia, me, Joe, Bella, Sam, Milly
Josh, Nan, Alfie


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