Ask Me Anything


I thought it would be a good idea to set up a little Q&A page. I know that I would have found it helpful to have someone I could ask questions to when I was starting on my health kick! If you want to ask me any questions regarding my weight loss journey, Slimming World or any other aspect of my life that I include on my blog then feel free to ask. Do you want to know what I do for exercise? Are you looking for a recipe I posted? Just post your question in the comments section below and I will aim to reply within a day. But given how regularly I check this blog it will more like minutes…..

Whilst I’m no genius or self-professed health guru, I have learned a lot from losing weight and would like to help anyone starting up on a weight loss journey – regardless of whether they are doing it with Slimming World or not – with a little bit of advice and things I wish I would have done (like taking my measurements at the start of my journey as well as my weight!!). 

Also, any comments of support would be massively appreciated! It’s very motivating to hear off friends (and even strangers) that I am an inspiration to them.


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