Day 161; New blog layout…. again!

I generally don’t like change but the last month screams everything to the contrary. I’ve changed the theme and layout of this blog for a second time in a matter of weeks because I’m trying to make it more user friendly! It does have its issues though, which I will dedicate today to resolving as many of those issues as possible. I’m still a bit undecided as to whether I like it; it all looks a bit professional doesn’t it. Which is not very me at all! (Most of the issues at the moment are with the layout of the pages, and the organisation of menus, so feel free to have a nosy at stuff but it might not look pretty just yet!)

I’ve changed the way things are displayed and what-not, and I spent a bit of time making a collage of transformation pictures. Here is the one that you can find on the photos page, and you can see that I have added a photo for June! Feeling quite proud of myself for coming this far:FotorCreated

Just a side note, feel free to leave comments on my blog posts if you want to ask me any questions about Slimming World or just me in general, I’d be very happy to answer them.