Day 155; A quiet day

Today has been uneventful. I haven’t even left the house; I neither needed to or wanted to! The weather today has been the most vile of the whole time I’m been home, it’s been really windy and rainy all day. I’ve been in the house on my own for most of the day because my mom works on Mondays and Milly is back at school. No more half term for her!

I got a bit of revision done today for my exam on Thursday. The final one. It’s going to be one of the more difficult exams but I have done really well on the coursework side of it so it takes the pressure off slightly. The only downside is that I am the last person in the house to finish so everyone else will be chilling out and I’ll still be in frenzy mode. Oh well, once it’s done it’s done.

I actually remembered to get some pictures of my food today. Breakfast was just cereal. For lunch I had a mushroom, green bean, pepper, sweetcorn, ham omelette with a bit of garlic and baked beans and cucumber on the side.


Dinner was pretty huge too. I had chicken, my moms BBQ sauce, sweetcorn, red pepper, aubergine, tomatoes, roasted potatoes and some big chunks of garlic. So as you can imagine, I’m completely stuffed! This is my last dinner at home before I go back to uni tomorrow though 😦


I have almost finished packing now. I’m just blogging as I watch Made In Chelsea – definitely my favourite reality TV. It’s weird having a TV because at uni we don’t have an aerial, hence Netflix or the xbox/playstation is constantly on. My cat Sammy is sitting next to me too, I don’t think she really missed me to be honest. I hope the weather gets better as I was planning on walking back home when I get off the train in Reading, but if it’s raining or windy I’ll either get the bus or a taxi. I have to get up early to get sorted to go, but I also have to get up and weigh in too! I may or may not hit target this week but fingers crossed!!!