Day 149; Weigh in and a fresh start

Given that I have an exam in a few hours I probably shouldn’t be sitting here blogging! But today is a tuesday and that means I had to weigh in this morning. I’ve been nervous about it because of my blow out on Friday and as you can tell from my last few blogs, I’ve been in a negative mindset for most of the week. Either way:

Last week I weighed 12st 9lbs. This week I weigh…

12st 9lbs!

That means that I have maintained my weight this week! I know it sounds silly but I am so happy about that. I was convinced that I would gain weight this week but the scales say that’s not true. It’s made me realise that I can let go once in a while and as long as I go straight back onto plan then the consequences won’t be so bad – it’s only when you repeatedly go off plan that it will all go downhill. At the end of the day, a maintain is miles better than a gain. Not just for my weight itself but for my own state of mind. I’ve vowed to go to the gym at least twice this week (if not more if I have time) once my penultimate exam is done. Although saying that, I won’t really have time if I go home to Birmingham will I!?

I will go and have a shower now and I am going to make a more fulfilling breakfast this morning if I can squeeze it in around my revision. It’s about time I had something other than cereal in the morning. What will I possibly use all of my healthy extra a & b on today!? The possibilities are endless 🙂

From today, I will start this week afresh and hopefully it has set me up for a week of good weight loss! I am still within clutching-distance of target so I will have that image in my mind of me hitting 12st 7lbs to keep me motivated to eat well this week.